Tyranny of the Majority

Description – This game is meant to make individuals discuss their political ideologies and vote as a group to create a hypothetical society. This game is meant for 3 – 8 players.

Goal – To answer all 10 different issues and find out where the votes on each issue has landed them on the political ideology chart. Will you have a Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Centralist, or Statist society?

Play – Each player selects a player number and takes the cards. Each player should always have 3 cards in their hand, no more and no less (Agree, Maybe, Disagree). Divide all poker chips evenly, keep unused poker chips out of play. All poker chips are worth $5 and are considered to be Special Interest money. Place Issue Deck onto the center of the table and flip over the top card. Place the Issue Winner cards face up on the center of the table.

When a new Issue card is flipped over everyone places their initial vote face down onto the table. All players also place into play however many poker chips, or Special Interest money, they are willing to invest into this topic. All players now discuss the issue at hand, what they think of it and the good and bad things about agreeing or disagreeing with the issue. The discussion is over whenever everyone has a chance to speak and the majority of the people agree it is time to vote. Tally all the votes and place the Issue card on top of the card of the winning vote.

If a tie is then add all the Special Interest money, or poker chips, for each vote involved in the tie. The side with the most money wins. If a tie is still present the side with the most money inside their wallet wins. If a tie is still present then play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who wins.

After 10 issues are voted on the game is over. Add Personal and Economic Issues separately. An Agree vote is worth 20, Maybe vote is worth 10 and Disagree is worth 0. Tally up the numbers and find your spot on the Political Ideology Chart provided. This is the basic political ideology of your hypothetical society.

[Designer Notes:] This game started large, because I usually enjoy taking the larger political ideology tests. However, a group taking the test would take longer than an individual because people have diverse opinions on what is right and what is wrong. So I decided to emulate the smallest political ideology quiz because I didn’t want a game that would take forever to play.

There are some big flaws with the game. Ties can happen. So to rectify that I introduced the poker chips, or special interest money, so that ties can be solved more frequently. However it is still possible for a tie to be present so I decided to add the wallet rule, which was actually my first solution to the problem. The Rock, Paper, Scissors was added just in case of the rare event of yet another tie. Ties may not arise as frequently as I am afraid they will but just to be safe I figured I’d try to solve that problem.

The replayability value is very low with the same players. Add one new person into the mix and things change but if you play the game again with all the same people you are likely to get the same result.

There is no winner really, well from round to round there is a winner but the idea of the game is to see what kind of society this group of people would create.

“Democracy implies the tyranny of the majority.” Ron Paul

This is the inspiration of the game. It is true, one of the reasons the founding fathers created a Constitutional Republic instead of a Democratic government is because of the Tyranny of the Majority. Sadly, it still exists though the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America represents the minority a little bit better than a pure Democracy. However, in this country special interest seems to get more of a voice than the people themselves. Politicians tend to serve those who give them money instead of those they are elected to represent. This is also a good reason to introduce the Special Interest money into the game.

This is a game I’d like to play test a lot and add to. I don’t think it could be any simpler but I do think I have a pretty good start. Politics greatly interest me so I had the most fun making this game, even though like the Big Buck Hunting game, it took up a lot of my time for seemingly no good reason.



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  2. I agree John..
    A taste of Politics is always good to start a day

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