Description – This game is about drugs and overdosing. Please don’t actually do the drugs used in this game.

Goal – The goal is to have the highest combined number in your hand. When you think you have the highest number you may expose your cards to everyone and this ends the game.

Play – Start by having everyone guess a number between 0 and 10. Look at the bottom of the deck and whoever is the closest to that number without going over is the winner. If no one wins or the card on the bottom doesn’t have a number then cut the deck until you get a card with a number. Winner goes first and the rotation is always clockwise.

Each player is dealt 5 cards. At the beginning of each turn the player draws a card and then either plays a Drug Trade card. At the end of the turn the player should have 5 cards in their hand. If they don’t they must discard it.

The Cards

Drugs – Drugs are labeled 0-10 based on how dangerous the drug in terms of overdosing. Crack being the most dangerous and Cannabis being the least.

Drug Trade – This allows you to Randomly select a card from another persons hand and replace it with a card of your choice.

[Designer Notes] – I think this game needs a lot more work, but it is a testable game. Its stupid simple and probably has been made with alternate narratives many, many times. I’d like to work on it a bit more to try to get something good out if it. But finishing this game made me feel a bit more comfortable with the total number of games made.

This topic is related in a way to my opinions on the war on drugs this country has foolishly been fighting. Prohibition still doesn’t work, especially when the least dangerous prohibited substance holds some of the stiffest penalties. Anyone else see the war on drugs as simply an attack on civil liberties and a huge waste of tax payer money?


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