Big Buck Hunting

Description – This is a deer hunting card game made for 2-4 players.

Goal – The goal of this game is to use guns and other cards that increase your attack value to shoot Bucks. The first player to have 25 buck points wins. Buck points are the required attack value of the Buck at the time it was killed.

Beginning Play – Place Buck Deck and Playing Deck on the center of the playing table. Each player draws 5 cards from the playing deck and chooses a number between 5 and 19. You then flip over a Buck card and place it next to the Buck deck. The player that chose the number closest to the required attack value of the Buck gets to go first. The attack value of the Buck is the Size, Speed and Health values added together. Rotation is always clockwise. If the playing deck ever runs out, shuffle the discard pile and use it as the playing deck.

Player’s Turn – A player begins their turn by drawing a card. They can use as many cards as they want this turn. If a player has more than 5 cards at the end of their turn they must discard until they have only 5.

Shooting a Buck – To kill a Buck you must have at least one Gun card and a combined attack value that is greater than or equal to the Buck’s required attack value. Place all used cards into the discard pile unless otherwise noted on the card. Take the Buck you’ve killed and place it in front of you. You now have Buck Points that equal the Buck’s required attack value. Replace the Buck you’ve killed with a new Buck card.

The Cards

Bucks – Buck cards describe how big, fast and healthy a buck is. Add Size, Speed and Health together to get required attack value to kill the Buck and the amount Buck points the card is worth. There always must be 1 buck card on the table. If there are 0 buck cards on the table place one from the top of the Buck deck in play.

Attack Value Modifiers – These cards (Corn, Droppings, Tracks, Scope, Stand) add to the attack value of the gun. They may only be used once and should be discarded after use, unless otherwise noted on the card.

Guns – These cards allow you to shoot the Buck. They can only be used to take one shot and should be discarded after use. Attack values differ from card to card (Strong Gun = 11, Gun = 9, Weak Gun = 5).

Deer Call – These cards place an additional Buck card into play. There may be more than 1 Buck card into play. Only put another Buck card into play when there are 0 Buck cards in play or a Deer Call card is played.

Sneeze – This card scares away a Buck of the player’s choice(The player who has played Sneeze). Place that card back into the Buck deck and shuffle the Buck deck. Sneeze may be played at any time, even immediately after someone shoots.

Rabies – This card reduces the Health of any live Buck in play to 0. Place the card underneath, or beside the desired Buck card so that everyone can tell which Buck is now Rabid. The player who kills the Buck collects the Rabies card with the Buck.

[Designer Notes:] I spent way too much time on this game considering how simple it turned out. It started out way to complicated and then turned basically into a matching game and finally turned into what you see here.

I think I should add more Sneeze cards to the deck because it seems like a fun thing to use. The sneeze card was inspired by the time, when I was a child and I couldn’t hold back a sneeze on a hunting trip with my father. The deer ran away and my father laughed because he thought I was making a funny face because I upset about him shooting an animal.

I am going to consider changing Guns to type of shot, example: Perfect Shot, Good Shot, Bad Shot. I doesn’t seem it matters much what kind of gun you use but rather how clear of a shot you have and how good you are at aiming. It will stay as is until it bothers me enough to change it though.


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