A Really Dumb Drinking Game

Description – Get drunk and have fun with this really dumb, annoying and idiotic drinking game. You may have to be drunk to have fun with it but please drink responsibly or at least record yourself drinking irresponsibly.

Goal – To be the last to lose the 10 life points you start out with.

Drinking – Every time you lose 1 life you have to take 1 drink. 1 drink is never anything above half a shot(10 shots… think about it) Argue the requirement for a drink with all people in the room willing to argue until you come to an agreement. Recommended requirement is one normal drink for a beer/mixed beverage or one sip for strait liquor.

Play – Start off by reading the rules, the first person to understand them gets to go first. Rotation is always clockwise. If you don’t know which way clockwise is go stare at a clock. If that clock is digital, don’t worry about it.

Draw one card each turn and place that card into play.

OR cards – This card has OR written in the middle of the card. This is because you can either choose the top option or the bottom option on a player of your choice. These cards always stay in play and move to the player to the designated side of you after the designated amount of rotations have been made since it was last moved or placed into play.

Double Fisting – This causes a player to have to drink twice the required amount of drinks as you do normally.

Animal Noises – Player must make animal noises after anyone drinks. They lose 1 life if they do not.

Toast – Make a Toast to another player. That player gains 1 life and everyone takes 1 drink.

Drunken Reasoning – Choose any player, that player loses 2 life and you must drink as many drinks as they do.

Party Foul – Choose two players, they each lose 1 life and everyone takes 1 drink.

Bar Fight – Everyone but you loses 1 life.

[Designer Notes]: This game is silly and really dumb. I think it would probably be fun when consuming alcohol but it would definitely make a lot of noise and would probably be annoying to those not playing. I’m not trying to put myself or my designing skills down but it isn’t something that is incredibly creative. I want to make a better drinking game now.


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  1. We’ll try this at Cafe Loco’s next week or whenever the next time is.

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