Marathon Game Design

I am going to try to make it a monthly or bi-monthly event where I try to spend a weekend making as many card games as I can. The rules are I have to use index cards and the number of cards has to be 25-200. Dice, counters etc can be used but have to be provided in the bag, with the rule sheet and the cards. I posted the basic rules on the blog. I’ll make them more detailed in the near future. Right now, I am going to sleep.

First Session – I set out to make 10 games and unfortunately I only made 5. I do have notes on the other 5 games I was thinking of making but I simply did not manage time and focus as well as I should have. I probably should have had more planning for this event. Next time should be more productive, I hope. You may notice that the themes are pretty random and sometimes a little crazy. Big Buck Hunting really took up the biggest chunk of my time, it had so many flaws that I couldn’t help but to attempt fixing them. Overdose was pretty much just slapped together quickly so I at least had 5 games completed.

  1. Big Buck Hunting – Completed
  2. Tyranny of the Majority – Completed
  3. Sweatshop – Completed
  4. Overdose – Completed
  5. A Really Dumb Drinking Game – Completed
  6. Illegal Abortionist – Incomplete, only notes taken.
  7. Baseball – Incomplete, only notes taken.
  8. Skulls – Incomplete, only notes taken.
  9. Racing Game – Incomplete, only notes taken.
  10. Napping – Incomplete, only notes taken.

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